The Rhythm Of Vienna

Short Film Competition


Treatment and short film competition: THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA
Vienna Tourist Board, VIS Vienna Independent Shorts & Vienna Shorts Agentur

THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA is a treatment and short film competition created by the Vienna Tourist Board, VIS Vienna Independent Shorts and Vienna Shorts Agentur. There are three production budgets worth €5,000 each to be won for the creation of a short film with a maximum length of 5 minutes in Vienna in summer 2016. The three produced films will be the subject of an online public vote in autumn 2016. The film that receives the most votes will receive an additional €3,000 in prize money. The city of Vienna will serve as the filming location for short films with a tangible reference to Vienna.


General information

Treatment and short film competition on the subject of THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA
4 January 2016 to 29 February 2016: Treatment submissions
By 18 March 2016: Notification of the three winners following selection by the jury of experts
24 May to 13 July 2016: Filming in Vienna (transport and accommodation will be provided as required)
25 to 31 May 2016: Accreditation for VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, including location tour with the Vienna Film Commission
31 August 2016: Delivery of the finished film
Mid-September 2016 Premiere of the three newly created films in Vienna (transport and accommodation will be provided as required)
Mid-September to 31 October 2016: Online utilization of the films including public vote to decide the best film
By 2 November 2016: Announcement of the winning film

About the treatment

Treatments from all film genres (excluding documentary works) can be submitted as long as they make unambiguous reference to Vienna, for example: Vienna as a recognizable backdrop, whether through outdoor shots or clearly identifiable interior shorts, through the conveying of a Viennese attitude towards life or by making the city of Vienna a key component of the subject matter on the narrative level. The finished film should not exceed five minutes in length. Submission is only possible using the entry form on the website The submission deadline is 29 February 2016. Late entries cannot be accepted.

The submitted treatment comprises three parts with the following information:

  • An abstract (max. 500 characters in length): A brief summary of the project
  • A concept (max. 3,000 characters in length): A description of the project in terms of content and structure (detailed information on the planned film, description of the topic and the main figures of the film, presentation of the reference to Vienna).
  • Explanations of the execution (max. 1.000 characters in length): An idea about how the project will be formally implemented (interest/motivation of the filmmaker; implementation of the filming in Vienna; collaborators on the film, e.g. camera crew, production team, cast, etc.).

It must be credibly communicated that the submitted project can be implemented in Vienna in accordance with the stipulated conditions. On request, the project management team of the THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA will offer assistance with contacting filmmakers and/or production companies in Vienna.

Submission of the treatment shall not give rise to any right and/or claim to execution of the film in Vienna. The three best treatments will be selected by a jury of experts. The names of the jury members will be published on the website in March 2016.

The winners will be notified by email by 18 March 2016 and agree to the publication of their name and photographic likeness as part of the competition.

The winners undertake to execute the film. The minimum age for participation is 18 years.

The personal details collected in the course of implementing and processing the submission will be stored and used. By submitting their entries, participants declare that they are in agreement with our privacy policy. All decisions are final.

About the filming

The following terms and conditions of participation apply to the three winners of the production budget in the amount of €5,000 each:

  • 70% of the production budget will be transferred to the nominated account after signing of the agreement at the start of filming in Vienna and the issuing of a fee note. The remaining 30% will be transferred upon completion of the film. The entire production budget is to be spent on making the film.
  • The winners undertake to use the production budget to film the submitted film idea in Vienna in the period from 24 May to not later than 13 July 2016.
  • The winners undertake to be in Vienna from 24 May 2016. They will receive an accreditation for the VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Festival, which runs from 25 to 31 May 2016, and will have the opportunity to participate in numerous events organized within the scope of the festival (e. g.: location tour, industry meetings).
  • Travel to/from Vienna as well as accommodation in the city for a maximum of two people per film will additionally be covered as required during filming in Vienna (24 May to 13 July 2016). This will be granted if the return journey to the participant’s permanent place of residence may not reasonably be undertaken on a daily basis. Two hours of travel time from and to the participant’s permanent place of residence is considered reasonable. The winners shall have no claim to accommodation over and above what is made available to them by the Vienna Tourist Board. Participants are responsible for providing their own catering arrangements for the duration of their stay in Vienna.

Completion & premiere

The winners undertake to execute the short film under their own responsibility. The finished film must be delivered by not later than 31 August 2016 in the following format: as a video file in the best-possible quality (e. g.: ProRes, H.264 …). For the cinema screening, the following formats are additionally possible: Film (16mm or 35mm), DCP (unencrypted, Interop, SMPTE, 2k, 24fps, 25fps, 30fps). All language versions will be accepted. A transcribed version of the spoken text must be supplied for preparation of the subtitles. This transcription must contain precise information on the timing of the subtitles (timestamps). If the original language is not German or English, the Vienna Tourist Board will have the film translated into the respective language.

The premieres of the winning films will be shown in Vienna in September 2016. All public screenings prior to this date are prohibited. Travel costs (return flights in Economy class or return bus journey or return train journey in 2nd class) and accommodation (double room with breakfast) for two nights for a maximum of two people per film will be made available in Vienna for the premiere as required. This will be granted if the return journey to the participant’s permanent place of residence may not reasonably be undertaken. Two hours of travel time from and to the participant’s permanent place of residence is considered reasonable. Online utilization of the film including a public vote for the best film, which will receive an additional €3,000 in prize money, will commence in September 2016. The winning film will be announced by 2 November 2016.

Online vote for the public’s favorite

The three finished films will be rated by the general public in the autumn of 2016 by means of an online vote. Each registered user can vote once for a single film. Voting ends on 31 October 2016. Automated entries are not permitted and will be subject to legal proceedings. The winner will be notified by email by 2 November 2016. All decisions are final.


Project management of THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA

Doris Bauer & Simon Wohlgenannt

Vienna Shorts Agentur
Verein zur Förderung audiovisueller Kunst
ZVR: 825369426
MuseumsQuartier Wien | Q21, Museumsplatz 1/e-1.5/2
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