The Rhythm Of Vienna

Short Film Competition


I, _______________________________, hereby grant the client, Vienna Tourist Board, Invalidenstrasse 6, 1030 Vienna, the substantively, territorially and temporally unlimited, non-exclusive right to use the film produced for the short film competition under the slogan THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA. This encompasses the following rights:

  • the right to publicly screen the film in any technical format, albeit always the best-possible format available,
  • the right to show the film on a non-commercial basis on TV or in the cinema,
  • the right to make the film available to the general public in electronic form on the internet on the websites and social media channels of the Vienna Tourist Board and on video platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo),
  • the right to duplicate the film on image carriers and to distribute it on a non-commercial basis,
  • the right to show portions of the film for promotional purposes concerning the competition THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA.
  • the right to use portions of the film and to combine them with other images, texts or graphics for the purpose of advertising Vienna.

In addition, I grant the client the right to use the film recordings, the title of the film recordings, my photographic likeness and my own name for the purpose or utilizing the film and for advertising the competition entitled THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA. This transfer of rights concerns all present and future areas of use for advertising and promotional purposes (print, PR, TV, cinema, email, internet, etc.) and applies without substantive, territorial or temporal restriction.

I agree to be accompanied for documentary purposes while filming in Vienna by means of videos, photographs and texts. I also give my irrevocable consent to the Vienna Tourist Board that photographs (images) taken by me may be disseminated, published and communicated to the public = BUYOUT for the client Vienna Tourist Board and its partner companies in all necessary advertising media, in particular social media (and press resources), in modified or unmodified form by the production company or third parties acting with its consent (except in a pornographic or defamatory fashion) including for the purpose of advertising, press releases, sales promotion or marketing of all products or services. After the winning film has been announced, I undertake to send a photograph of myself to the project management team of THE RHYTHM OF VIENNA.

I undertake to include a logo panel provided by the client in the credits of the film that makes reference to the Vienna Tourist Board, VIS Vienna Independents Shorts and Vienna Shorts Agentur as clients and/or initiators of the competition. This file is to be viewed as an integral part of the film and must also be retained in future uses and utilizations of the film.

I also assure that the permitted use of the film and sound recordings shall not infringe the rights of third parties in any way whatsoever. I also hereby undertake to clarify music rights with the state-approved Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers (AKM).

A fee of €5,000 (net) is agreed for my activities, which the client shall pay in installments in accordance with proper accounting principles. This fee shall fully compensate all claims arising from the use of the film recordings in the extent explained above. I shall be personally responsible for all matters pertaining to tax and social insurance. I shall work on the film autonomously, under my own responsibility and independently. I am not bound by instructions and shall work using my own resources (without reliance on the client). I undertake to handle all information and knowledge I receive through my activities in the strictest of confidence and will continue to do so after the end of the project.

Austrian law applies; the place of jurisdiction is Vienna.